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foreplay ranging from breast massage to masturbating one's partner, yet no coïtal contact.
we're not married yet, so we're stuck with heavy petting sessions.
作者 xenofobiq 2004年8月17日
The act of passionately groping a lover or potential lover. Usually (keep your fingers crossed) a precursor to sex.
Did you nail her last night? Nope, just some cucumber play and heavy petting.
#foreplay #groping #titays #playing with junk #poor man's sex #middle school shaboygin.
作者 Dimitri Mantooth 2008年12月14日
Rubbing and groping between individuals as part of non-penetrative sex or "making out". Typically completed with clothes on, but there have been reported cases of naked heavy petting occurring in some regions.
Q:Did you and jimmy go all the way last night?

A: No we just kissed and did some heavy petting.
#petting #groping #rubbing #sex #making out
作者 Toddgaines 2012年2月03日
Heavy petting is a synonym of touchy feely fondling. Some examples of heavy petting are hand jobs, fingering and dry humping.
I love heavy petting, especially when we're at the club!
#dry humping #third base #fingering #hand job #abstinence
作者 rckrchica03 2012年1月10日
Accidentally snapping someone's neck while stroking their hair
We have a heavy petting victim
#hair #stupid #accident #death #female
作者 adoorable door 2015年1月09日
A term usually used in health classes to describe the act of mutual masturbation; i.e. playing with each others' junk. This term has never before been used outside of such classes.
Laurel and Colton engaged in a session of heavy petting before gettin' it on.

Oh Colton, it feels so good when we are immersed in heavy petting.

#foreplay #sex #heavy petting #petting #masturbation #fun
作者 Bob Elva 2008年11月08日
girl: ass and boobs felt up to having clit rubbed

guy: ass felt up to having penis rubbed through pants
girl: "he didn't finger me, but there was a lot of heavy petting going on."

guy: "i enjoyed the heavy petting but i wish she had actually given me a hand job!"
作者 nerm 2004年11月06日


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