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Short term for marijuana, also, a type of shop specializing in the sale of drug related paraphenalia
I went to the hed shop to pick up a bong.
作者 SothThe69th 2003年8月20日
HED (PE) a talented rap/rock artist, who knows how to party.
(not for goth faggots who think all rap sucks)
shalala here it comes again
shalala here it comes again
what a crazy life
-hed pe
作者 shoeless joe 2003年8月19日
oral sex
Sharry gave Sam hed
作者 ryan 2003年8月16日
a hard rock band
hed (PE)
作者 penis mcgee 2003年8月15日
1. Lingo, slang writing for spelling "head". As in giving oral sex to a guy.

(Typically used on the internet by some lame guy who is trying to hide the fact that he cybers, so his mom won't find out.)
-"Do U Give Hed?" (notice the "U" instead of you. Also very lame.)
-"Man this girl gave me the most incredible hed ever last night!'s her number. Only cost me 3 dollars!"
作者 Kanaska 2003年8月15日
when you suck somebody's dick
give me hed bitch
作者 Anonymous 2003年4月07日
Hostile youths, gang members.
"Let's go down grove bruv."
"Nah, there's bare heds, well get jacked."
作者 Luke 2004年11月12日


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