Top Definition
a way to express your laugter at someone
person 1-a dog let one rip
person 2-heha
作者 Joel Bossy and Taylor Delair 2006年6月29日
when you can't decide between hehe or haha, just say heha. only thing is it sounds a bit like a donkey. neh so just use it online.
person one: (does something amusing)
person two: (thinks; hehe? haha?) heha!
作者 :poisonedheart: 2004年1月14日
A female who thinks they are the shit
Megatron is a damn HE HA
作者 mikamas 2004年1月01日
A mixture of hehe and haha. Thus HEHA!
Sam: Oi! That guy just pissed himself.
Eliza: HEHA!
作者 Sam And Eliza 2008年12月04日


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