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The great american chocolate bar
Hershey makes the best chocolate
作者 joe c 2004年9月02日
- the sweetest place on earth
- best chocolate on earth
- brilliant American entrepreneur
I went to Hershey Park and it was awesome. Cadbury chocolate tastes unfullfilling and doesn't have a cool theme park like Hershey.
#hershey #cadbury #pennsylvania #chocolate #hersheypark
作者 Milton. 2007年6月14日
A Brown dog
I'm playing with my Hershey!
#hershey #brown #dog #pet #chocolate
作者 squeazey 2010年2月03日
The God above God. Only known proof of his existence lies in the product whose name can’t be pronounced. The closest human guess is the word "chocolate." Has created the most profound religion on the earth, the religion of Hershey. Religion’s main philosophy is to eat the fruit provided to us by the generous Hershey, who sits on his throne behind the gates of His paradise, the Park of Hershey. In this miraculous place, where rivers flow with chocolate goodness and rains Kisses, people are forever happy and satisfied. Only by faith in Hershey and proclaiming your loyalty by consuming the gifts provided to us by Him can one be allowed through the gates of His sweet heaven. Naysayers may belittle this religion. But think about the last time you bit into the richness of a milk chocolate almond bar. This heavenly satisfaction can only be divine creation. The existence of Hershey CANNOT BE DENIED!!! We must all worship his truths, and adhere to his teachings:
1.Though shall always eat chocolate
2.Though shall not waste chocolate
3.Though shall not do harm to chocolate
4.Though shall not use the Lord Hershey’s name in vein
5.Though shall not covet someone else's chocolate
6.Though shall only accept the existence of one God and one god only, Hershey, and all other would-be Gods are the creations of the Devil himself, Willy Wonka.
7.Though shall not eat Willy Wonka brand chocolate
8.All those who deny Him shall be smitten into a terrible existence: living life in New Jersey.
I abandoned the dumb Christian God for the almighty and most powerfully delicious God, Hershey.

Hershey be with you, and also with you

Our Hershey, who art in the Park of Hershey, chocolatey be thy name. Thy Park come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Pennsylvania. Give us this day our daily chocolate, and forgive us our healthiness as we forgive those who eat healthy against us. And lead us not into healthy eating, but deliver us from brussel sprouts. Amen.
#chocolate #god #religion #willy wonka #hershey #boobs #butts #pussy #ass #sid #cleveland steamer #dirty sanchez #ginger #shoe #penis #toenail #muffin #jersey shore #2
作者 TheProphetCaocao 2011年5月01日
Slang for a transgender or transsexual person who does not identify as a he or a she, or if you just can't tell the difference.
Dude: "Is Caitlyn Jenner a he or a she?"
Bro: "nah man, just call it a hershey"
#transgender #transsexual #he #she #it
作者 dbwylie 2015年7月11日
Another word for marijuana, specifically that of the chocolate variety
Yo man that was some dank-ass Hershey, let's chuff some more
#weed #pot #marijuana #dank #herb #nugs #chocolate #grass
作者 M Rockwell 2006年8月24日
daragatory name for black people
if you dont know now you know hershey
#moon cricket #jigga boo #porch monkey #spade #spear chucker
作者 j-s 2008年3月11日


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