Silk Deep Bahatti
This Hoe Bag is sleeping in my bed on new years eve.
作者 Garrett Giuffre WHAT! 2008年12月31日
A physical bag that a hoe will carry with them most of the time. The bag usually contains extra clothing, lube, condoms, tampons, pregnancy test...and other such items that allow her to sleep from place to place with guy to guy. Be aware that one might call this an “emergency bag”, that would be bull shit.
Tonya carried a hoe bag the whole time I knew her. Fuckin hoe.
作者 JackClifto 2007年9月06日
a hoe, but moreso
You hoe-bag!!!
作者 Ram-Dawg 2003年5月14日
A girl who knows he's your man but fucks him anyways.

that stupid hoe bag slept with my Husband/Boyfriend.
作者 Kathy R 2008年2月02日
a person that is a cesspool for sperm
yeah dude BJ is such a freakin hoebag
作者 Jacob42 2007年5月12日
Slut, Dirty Nasty Slut, Whore, Disease Infested, Hoe Bag
Shut up you fucking Hoe Bag
作者 Einstein 2003年1月02日
Usually a member of the female sex who frequently engages in lewd acts of sexual activity, often including bestiality.

Also, the satchel used to collect butt-mud dropped from the hineys of horses in a drawn carriage.
Example: Brianne and Heba are such hoe-bags; last night they had sex with 4 different guys and even a couple of donkeys.
作者 Dirty Dirty Dan 2006年5月03日



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