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Penis hanging out of barn door of boxer shorts
"I just saw Ryan's hog at the top of the stairs!"
作者 deuce turner 2004年2月02日
A Harley Davidson Mortorcycle.
I love riding my hog.
I took that money a bought a big brand new hog.
I love the sound of a big ol' hog.
作者 JayOD 2006年7月12日
the long male sex organ.
my god my hog is swollen.
作者 thrinax 2007年3月31日
a fat sloppy bitch
Mike went hoggin last nite and banged a gross one!!
作者 howie feldersnatch 2003年10月03日
A term that is used to represent someone being greedy.
O'brian:You're a hog for a late night time show! Leno: You're the one with 15 mil. BITCH O'brian: You fat fuck!
作者 Phantom2K0 2010年1月29日
A slang term for male genetalia popularized by the Opie and Anthony radio program.
Ben's hog is so big he could screw a hula hoop
作者 Joe Friday 2005年7月06日
Heavily Obese Girl

She usually has alot of confidence and doesnt think she is "that big." Often seen squeezing into clothes that are too small and/or wearing clothes that she shouldnt(halter tops, mini skirts, two-piece bathing suits, etc).
Jeremy: Look at her wooble!
James: Yea, she's a H.O.G.
作者 Kitty05 2007年10月04日


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