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meaning homie gangsta
wassup ma homie g!!!
作者 babygangstaluva445 2003年6月29日
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a close friend or pal. a person you can hang with who won't embarass you, and a person you feel cool with. usually used with black people.
get over here my homie g

hold up my homie g is comin'
作者 2010 be pimpin' in style 2006年6月06日
Homie g means Homie gangster or even homeboy gangster. Homie means A friend or someone you grew up with basically it means your very close. Gangster means either a wanna be thug or real ones that are people behind crimes. A thug is someone who treats people in a violent way.
Yo homie g you wanna go rob the grocery store with me tomorrow night????
作者 Super chick! 2010年2月24日
A "homie G" is your friend,buddy,pal,homedog or any other members in your tribe of friends.
Person 1: "Hey homie G hows it playin?"

Person 2: "It's going great yo!"
作者 sexualgranolabars 2009年2月04日
a word describing gangsters

the definition of this word is based off them calling each other "homie" and "gangster" and putting the two together
ex: "what up gangsta", "what up homie"

"aren't you friends with that one homie-g?"
作者 kaylerr 2008年1月17日
your friend one of your closest friends
My homieG is kristen she is always there for me.
作者 Ashlely DiPietro 2008年4月07日
nickname,ridiculing name for a wigger. Name for someones who trys to hard to be a rapper.
Hey, pull your pants up, homie-g!

Nice dew-rag, homie-g.
作者 Jesss 2005年6月08日



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