Whenever girls you don't want want you and your friends really badly, you use it.
Weird girl: hey guys, you want to go watch a movie at my house this friday?
Guys: HOOP...
作者 boomclapboomboomclapdesnap 2009年6月01日
A person with their head so far up their ass, their physical structure implies a circular figure; resembling a large human ring. Also, perhaps, an advanced asshat, or an aggressively annoying simpleton.
"Charlie, I tried to figure out what that hoop wanted, but her head was so far up her ass, you could roll her down the street," said Mr. O'Shea.
作者 Umlaut Tilde 2010年5月10日
Contraceptive ring used by females.
Person A: I have another reason to hate the Trojans.
Person B: You should just get the hoop, seriously. This is the 2000s
作者 YINGISWRONG 2009年12月10日
Slang term for the toilet.
"Yo, it's gonna be a photo finish, where's the friggin hoop in this place??"
作者 KidT 2009年4月18日
The rim of your asshole.
Slide that dick through my hoop, big boy.
作者 Buttfuck 2006年5月05日
as a verb to shove something in your ass
i hooped my weed
作者 Spinbad 2004年5月21日
rear end of body, backside, ass, derrier, bottom, bum.
get your hoop down the gym and do a bit.
作者 scotty 2003年2月16日



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