the act of jizzing in a cup, microwaving it for 1 minute before throwing it in a chicks face... I don't know why people are misrepresenting the hot Karl but its rather upsetting.
Joe gave Jane a hot Karl leaving 3rd degree burns on her neck and face
作者 itshugeaskaround 2012年11月16日
A white rapper from the San Fernando Valley.
Hot Karl is a pretty good rapper.
作者 chaneymoger 2004年12月02日
The act of pooing in a sock and beating poeple senclessly over the head with it.
"Yo this thug wasn't given me my props yo, so im gunna brake into his house and giv'em a hot Karl yo"
作者 Karl the poopo 2003年1月10日
Poop in a sock warmed up and slapped on somebody while they are sleeping.
"Want to hot karl Jesse with me tonight?!"
作者 V Dempst 2008年5月16日
Having anal marmalade ooze into your mouth
After receiving a hot karl, food tastes better
作者 karl 2003年3月17日
When you getting a peice of cling wrap and cutting a whole in it for the lucky persons mouth. Then place the cling wrap over her face and release your feaces onto the cling wrap so that the girl can feel the warmth of the feaces through the cling wrap without coming into contact with the feaces
After the party this kinky girl let me hot karl.

After my roomate fell asleep me and my friends all hotkarled him and he threw up.
作者 eagle 1 2007年10月28日
Defecating on your partner while they are performing fellatio on you.
My woman loves the Hot Karl...
作者 Dick-Face Killah69 2003年7月10日



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