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hula hoop a verb. to move or sway your hips in a fashion as if you were using a hula hoop, used duirng sex with women that are loose, so as to get some kind of sentation.
That whore I picked up at the club, during last call, was so loose I had to hula hoop her for an hour just to get off.
#sway #shake #circle #swish #swoop back and forth
作者 Shawnis god 2010年5月02日
Hula hoop is were a man is giving brutal anal sex until the females anus is shaped like a hula hoop
" yeah fam I gave my girl a hula hoop"
" ok... That's pretty fucked up
作者 Benjamin crunchy nut 2016年5月21日
cool ring shaped crisps that are about 1cm thick with a abut a 1cm diameter. Come in a variety of flavours, with original being the obvious best.
That fat bastard ate all my hula hoops!
#crisps #hula #hoop #hoops #potato
作者 margheritapizza 2007年3月28日
take a hoop and do your best to throw it around a man's erect penis, try semis for a more difficult shot (worth twice as many points)
i was playin a good round a hulahoop last night with a pair of twins i met
#hulaing #hulameup #hulamanola #hularicious
作者 alex delves 2006年5月24日
(V)To break a tackle in american football, in which the ballcarrier puts his shoulder into the tackling defender, causing the defender to roll around the ballcarrier's back, much like the motion of a hula hoop.
Did you see that running back Hula Hoop that dude!
#tackle #hula #hoop #football #break
作者 Big Hamp 2007年9月20日
Another word to describe a homosexual.
"look at the way he walks, you could tell he's a hula hoop."
#fairy #packer #pirate #flamer #dookie chaser
作者 "ode" 2006年2月18日


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