Eager to take on unnecessary extra work, in order to ingratiate oneself with the bosses.
"He volunteered for a double shift, AGAIN.
Sheeesh, what a hungry brown-noser."
作者 Tilleroon 2008年12月28日
Code word for being high on some illegal drug or substance
Yo son,im so hungry right now.
Me and mike were so hungry last night
作者 D-Hood 2007年10月15日
slang for good looking or "fit".
the opposite of which may be "stuffed" or "full".
"mate that girl is well hungry"
"nah mate she's fucking starvin'"
作者 George G 2007年8月26日
a feeling commonly felt by jessica beaudet
im hungry
作者 amidtoadss 2009年5月31日
A fat bitch; one who eats for sport.
Did you see that hungry bitch with the 7X7 at In n Out?
作者 samaggie 2007年10月21日
wanting lots of money
man im really hungry , i'm goin to look for a job
作者 Marcus 2004年6月05日
Synonymous with sucky. An unsatisfactory or unpleasant state of being.
This whole situation in Ferguson is straight hungry.
作者 grai 2014年12月14日



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