An early 90's Boy Band. Lead Singer Marques Houston followed by Jerome Jones, and Kelton Kessee. Managment By Chris Stokes.
Early 90's Boy Band by the nameof Immature
作者 90's Man 2008年10月02日
The adjective boring people use to describe fun people.
JK: "Nip slip!"
Maren: "You're so immature"
JK: "You're so boring"
Maren: "I know"
作者 jmfk 2014年11月18日
A word women use to describe male behavoir which they cannot comprehend.
Ugly Becky: "OMG! Darrel cheated on me! I don't get it!"
Plain Jane: "Just forget about him Becky, he's just immature."
作者 ThEmperor 2008年11月18日
A word boring people use to describe fun people
" You're so immature..." " I know."
作者 LovethisAJ 2015年2月10日
living life to the fullest
Ashley and Katie are being immature by having fun .
作者 ImmatureGurl 2012年8月12日
A word that by incorporation of seperation anxiety may create illusion of being mature, audibly interpreted as I'm mature; also applicable to synchronous messaging or restricted sites.
IM mature enough for messy messenger, mmm?
作者 Hercolena Oliver 2008年7月10日
Someone who maybe be irresponsible unorganized and does little kid things but all in all is a fun person!
B: Your so immature.
作者 ieezsooperawzumninja 2010年2月14日



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