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When you haven't done something in a long time.
For example, I haven't seen her in a minute.
作者 MM 2004年7月27日
I period of time that is most likely longer then a minute.
Rather it be the past, or future, you can use the term.
I'll holler at you in a minute.
I ain't seen him in a minute.
#in a minute #long period of time #minute #little while #later #eventually
作者 6FingazInDaFlesh 2010年7月08日
ghetto way of saying in a long time
Tyrone: What's good Darius?
Darius: What up cuuuuh. I ain't seen you in a minute.
Tyrone's IQ went down after hearing that and got autism.
#in #a #minute #autism #ghetto #cancer #dasanigga #boss #long #time
作者 Dasanigga 2015年3月29日
A phrase used to make people think you are going to do what they say 'in a minute', however the task is almost always never done as the person is too lazy. It is most effective when used to piss someone off. Goes well with whining noises.
Simon: Get a life, you prick!
Tabish: In a minute! (moans)
#inaminute #in-a-minute #innaminute #innamutton #inanimute
作者 Tabish 2006年4月11日
what you say when someone tells you to do something but your too lazy to do it.
mother: billy! go take out the trash you stupid little cunt! i knew your father should have used a condom!
billy: in a minute....
作者 billy 2005年4月22日
Another way of saying farewell (like BYE), especially over the phone.
CALLER 1: I'll holla at you tomorrow.

CALLER 2: Alright.

CALLER 1: Alright, in a minute.
#bye #ciao #farewell #holla #peace
作者 Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant 2006年10月30日


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