its a series of tubes
Internet: NOT a DUMPTRUCK!
作者 TedStevens 2007年6月24日
If you're reading this then you already know what the internet is, so why are you reading this, DF?
A defintion of the internet on the internet is as useless as the internet itself.
作者 archimedest 2006年7月26日
Thought to be one big computer buy newbies, usually by people on a big network or broad band internet.
"The Internet is broken!"
作者 Caffeinecrazed12 2003年11月19日
Computer term: Sourc of ALL porn
Noun: Porn database
Insult: A person who lives on porn.
"You internet, you"
作者 DOnna 2003年9月19日
One huge therapy session
I come onto the internet and the streets are safe
作者 Tooly Towers 2003年6月04日
the place where i see the hot naked girlz
go to on the internet, and there will be some really hot porn!
作者 pussy humper 2003年5月22日
Another name for the another dimension that collects all of our ideas. We can connect to this 2nd dimension by clicking on small doorways on your computer called "icons" and look around. This other dimension is connected to all computers via magic created by people known as wizards. Though many have tried to enter this other world, none have succeeded.
I saw my dead grandmother's dog on the internet the other day!!!
作者 intel-actual person 2011年3月31日



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