A pair of Air Jordan Basketball shoes. Usually nice; clean; new; pair of them.
Hey bruh; watch it, steppin on my J's!

I got my Jays on I'm ready to ball out!
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作者 Mister Man. 2009年2月10日
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short for jordans (shoes worn by michael jordan)
let's cop the new j's.
作者 sideshowmikey 2003年1月25日
A shorthand abbreviation for the phrase "JUST SAYIN". It was originated by teenage girls for use in instant messages and text messaging, but has since been adopted by a very small segment of grown men that are still trying to hold on to their youthful qualities and adolescent absurdity. The use of this phrase has also been used to locate those with casting potential on news specials hosted by Chris Hansen.
When carrying on a conversation with a grown man, he actually responded to something that I said with the following "JS man JS". WTF does that mean?
#teenage girls #instant messages #text messaging #chris hansen #adolescent absurdity
作者 anonymous dude in ATL 2007年11月16日
Abbreviation used for just saying or just sayin'
Michael: That's kinda not cool, js.
#just saying #just sayin' #slang #abbreviation #internets
作者 catzzz 2007年10月01日
js, or "j.s." is short for "just saying." It's a shortening of the word for texting but is also used in everyday language, just as "omg" has become. It is usually used at the end of a sentence, and commonly in a sentence where you are making a rude or mean comment. You're "just sayin," so no matter what you say, the other person shouldn't get mad, it's more of a joke.
Instead of saying, "not to be rude, but Ann is a real bitch" you say, "Ann is a real bitch, js."

Your friend will get mad if you say, "you're being a douche."
But if you say, "you're being a douche, js." it's more like your informing him rather than insulting him, in a lighter tone.
#just saying #just sayin #just sayin' #slang #abbreviation #text messaging #instant messaging
作者 Dion Phaneuf 2010年12月23日
JavaScript (a dynamic, prototype-based scripting language)
you should learn some js
#synonyms #java #script #programming #language
作者 U53i2 2012年7月08日
a fresh pair of nike air jordan kicks
i see you have a fresh pair of J's on .....yeah they the new six rings
#jordan #js #nike #kicks #mike
作者 4-X 2010年10月24日


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