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an art teacher with a 36 inch cock (hard)and fucks his students in the street.
Yo that jaeger guy fucks four girls at once!
作者 lucajamesalexjoeryangavincody 2008年1月15日
1. A 'hunter' in the German language.
2. In Pacific Rim (2013 movie), these are giant robots used to fight off aliens that come from between 2 tectonic plates.
"The Jaeger beat the crap out of the alien!"
作者 Isaac Clarke the Unlucky 2014年10月08日
Noun - a measure of length equivalent to two hands and a mushroom cap
Mary: How big was his penis?
Joanie: It was a jaeger.
作者 hugh069 2011年10月26日
The best guy in the entire world. He's adorable and sexy and amazing. He's the best boyfriend in the history of boyfriends.
I love you Jaeger.
作者 IloveJaeger323232 2012年11月28日
v. to vomit; to vomit repeatedly
We don't let him drink because on New Years he Jaegered on the dining room table.
作者 J. D. Mackelfeather 2011年1月07日
another word for extremely hot or sexy
"you're so jaegers, wanna bang?"
作者 diddly dingbat 2015年10月21日
A man/woman that nobody wants to hang out with because of his ego
Man i don't like that jaeger guy
作者 poop tart 2015年6月05日


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