One of the cutest guys in school.....but once to know him he is a complete dick.
Jake, a guy at your school.
#icky #dickhead #liar #non trustworthy #bitch
作者 Jaynie, Krtisten 2012年10月05日
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an amazing guy that is really funny and really adorable that you cant help but love .
wow, i really want a jake (:
#jake #jacob #babycakes #jakers #lover
作者 kaylan 2008年3月13日
A extremely long penis of at least fourteen inches.
She told me she wanted it, so I just whipped out Jake and waxed dat azz!
#jimmy #johnson #dick #peter #dong
作者 Knowledge Doctor 2008年5月05日
Jake is the cutest boy you'll ever meet, or look at, he has great taste in music and has the most amazing hair ever, he's the best friend you'll never meet, he is loveable and caring, if somethings wrong he'll try to make everything better
I love you Jake <3
That boy is so cute. . .

Well he should be, he's a Jake.
#jake #cute #funny #loveable #hair #amazing
作者 Breathe Carolina 2009年4月27日
the police.
we was riden down the street and the jakes pulled us over.
作者 xtended klip aka lil logan 2002年8月15日
A super hot, funny, compassionate, sweet, adorable guy (MAN). He always has a hot girlfriend and is really strong. His smile is contagious.
hot chick #1: I would kill myself if only I could see Jake's large, gigantic, masculine penis once before I died.

hot chick #2-200988340983409384098304983: YES!!! WE ALL WOULD!
#jake #cool #kool #penis #man #funny #hot
作者 DUde 1093u04984 2008年4月21日
(N.) The most amazing guy anyone will ever meet. He's caring, sweet, compassionate, stunning, trustworthy, breathtaking, and the only guy that can completely sweep a girl off her feet. The one boy on the planet that knows how to treat a girl right and keep her smiling twenty four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year. He's perfect from head to toe and there's no combination of words that could actually express how incredible he is. I love you baby<3
My boyfriend's name is Jake and he is the love of my life. There's no one that could ever replace him or love me the way he does.
#jake #trustworthy #amazing #sweet #breathtaking
作者 chanel saiid 2009年11月14日
a being of extreme sexual nature. often refered to as a scientific breakthrough because no one can stare at him longer that 2 seconds without craping their pants on a count of his astonishing beauty.
"i dare you to stare at jake for 3 seconds"
"no problem!"
"1....2.... GOD DAMNIT!!!!"
#jake #jacob #beauty #crap #stare
作者 manbearpig69 2008年4月12日


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