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Spouting bullshit. Or telling a bullshit story that someone believes.
Player1: Dude did you hear the John's brother got arrested with drugs
Player2: Naw man he was just jaw jackin ya. His bro is fine.
Player1: Fucker
作者 Mitchman99 2006年11月12日
one who talks alot
quit da jawjackin the chow line
作者 bro harris 2003年10月02日
1.) The act of giving a bj, usually preformed during class when the substitute teacher is not looking.

2.) An obnoxious amount of talking.

3.) Talking in class while giving head.
"Stop your jaw-jackin', it's time to take this vocab quiz."
作者 mdcrfreak 2009年3月20日
Talkin shit to one's face or behind ones back without the balls to back it up. ; putting one down
Haters: you think you all that just cause you made all a's
victim: quit jaw jackin' all the time! damn!
作者 Bitch, Im from zone6 2007年10月17日
another way of saying giving head; sucking dick
I was jaw jacking my lover last night.
作者 Ashley from the "Stube" 2009年10月06日



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