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The act of masterbation with your coming from behind and going under your leg like the snowboarding move.
I needed a little change in my love life so i put my hand under my leg and started jerking off stalefish.
#beating off stalefish #masterbation #jerking off #beating off #hand job
作者 Jim-Bo 2007年5月15日
our definition is whackin off with no visual aids, just what u think of
i was battin off stalefish cos mum stole my pornos
作者 nathan 2005年3月21日
The act of jerking off to your own ass while looking at it in a mirror.
"What the fuck dude you've been in the toliet for 2 hours now"

"Be patient man i'm jerking off stalefish"
#jerking off #ass #mirror #stalefish #looking
作者 CollaBear 2012年1月10日
When someone constricts the circulation of blood to the hand until it goes numb, then masturbates with it, thereby giving the feeling of another person.
Dude, why are you sitting on your hand? You trying to jerk off stalefish?
作者 Valo 2005年1月01日
without lubrication, just raw.
I was jerking off stalefish and my dick got raw.
#jerking off #wacking it #polishing the rod #masturbating #jacking off.
作者 Fredwasright 2005年10月06日


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