1. Noun. A person who practices Judaism
2. Verb. The act of trying to scheme another person to acquire money or simply, personal gain. In some cases it could be solely to cause the other person to lose something.
1. David is a Jew.
2. David, stop Jewing Ali by trying to sell your sandwich to him for $5.

Common Jewish names are David, Saul, Shlomo, Shaloma, Susan, Owen, Russel, and Melanie.
作者 crackthesky69 2008年2月10日
cheap, no let me redefine that jews are CHEAP!!!!
when a jew is walking down the street if they see a penny they will pick it up it is like a spider sense they have, wherever there is money no matter how big they get it
作者 GRANT (THE JEW) 2005年6月26日
Anybody that actually takes urban dictionary definitions for the word "Jew" seriously enough to complain about it.
David: "Damn, she complained about THAT?"
Kyle: "Must be a jew."
作者 johnny got his gun 2005年6月16日
1. Synonym for homosexual
Enrique is a fucking jew, he prefers the hershey highway over poon.
作者 Rachel Paul 2007年4月01日
1) Person of Jewish Faith
2) A Pinny-Pincher (a tight wad)
3) What Hitler put in ash trays till we beat his ass
1) Kyle from South Park is Jewish!
2) Your as money hungry as a Jew!
3) The Holocaust sucks, eh Larry. Yea it does.
作者 TheGuyStandingBehindYou 2007年3月21日
The bane of Humanity; The Destoyers of the Earth; SOmehting that needs to go down the well; Getting CHeated out of money; short for a Jew-Bag.
"Oh hell naw! Dem Jews are robbing a store!";" The Jewss will cause the apoloclypse"; "Throw the Jew down the well, So my country can be free!"-Borat; "Oh man I just got Jewed by the insurance company!" "Man you arn't just a Douche-Bag your a Jew Bag!"
作者 Non-Semite 2006年10月29日
The worst thing to happen to East Brunswick New Jersey
I hate East Brunswick New Jersey, The whole town is filled with Jews
作者 MrFixx 2010年6月15日



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