A Japanese person who acts black
man that is one crazy ass jigga
作者 JiGGa MaN 2003年6月21日
Someone of asian decent that acts black or "ghetto"
"wazup ma asian Jigga!"
作者 UR MOM 2003年2月19日
knife, blade, razor, something sharp
Pass me a jigga so I can open up this blunt.
作者 Joseph Seldin 2006年6月06日
a japanese person who thinks there black and pretty darn gangsta. but really there just a wanna-be
Your not a gangsta, take your jigga self back to japan and make some fucking video games!
作者 nickstaaaaaaaa 2006年4月03日
A measuring tool for shots used by Bartenders
First pour your gin into a jigga(jigger)to measure out the appropriate amount of alcohol to mix a dirty martini.
作者 Shocka Zoe 2005年6月23日
Noun. A person that is of the Jewish faith, and is also a "wigger". A person that follows Judaism, is caucasian, and attempts to appear and behave as someone black.
He is such a jigga! He is wearing his keepah, and listening to Jay-Z!
作者 Jigga Pls 2005年2月22日
a name for a combonation of a nigger and a jew
tyrone goldstein is such a jigga
作者 jeterblows 2005年2月15日



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