Amazing, overall. She has amazing hair, amazing eyes, and a very happy smile, that just make you happy. She is also very fun. At events shes always the one always laughing and smiling. She is gorgeous. she is smart. She is athletic. She is frivolous sometimes, and makes it cute. She is just one of those people you're lucky to have as a friend. She is caring, and loving and a good person. She is just amazing. And if you have a Katie you're a lucky person.
Yeah, Katie is my lady and I love her so much.

"Ah, I heard that girl is a Katie... That guy is lucky."
作者 Black haha 2012年3月04日
a name that fits an amazing girl, if your not amazing you shouldnt have this name. and you should get to know a katie like this one (:

Katie is the best friend a guy could ever imagine having and could everask for. she always makes me happy and never fails at making me smile . on a scale from 1 to 10 she is a 99 not only in looks but smarts, athletics, and sense of humor. shes My BEST friend and ill always remember her.

I really do love youu <3
dude i met this chick and shes amazing inside and out

so, she is nothing compared to KATIE.

katies up here.......--------------

shes like down here.. ----------

作者 katies bestie forever 2010年8月26日
Katie- a super smart entity, capable of extreme understanding who also just happens to an awesome friend.
That girl is pretty much a Katie- friggen amazing!
作者 Mechmess 2010年2月28日
Katie, a girl who is the total package. She's smart, funny, incredibly athletic, crazy, nice, has a nice body, beautiful eyes, a prefect smile, and has a nice personality. She's one of those girls who doesn't let anybody walk all over her. She's tough, and doesn't like to show weakness. Katie stands up for herself and others. Katie is protective of her friends and family. She falls in and out of love quickly, and if you play with her heart, she will give you absolute hell. Katie is also a bit insecure, but she won't show it. Katie can also be a bit intimidating too. Katie isn't afraid to be herself. She doesn't care what others think of her. She is a damn crazy girl! She's a lot more sensitive than you'd expect out of her. Be careful with her please. Katie is amazing...
Look! It's Katie!
作者 KLB :) 2012年12月16日
Gorgeous, stunning, pretty, cute, smart, funny, beautiful eyes, amazing hair, perfect, good at everything, popular, great artist, talented, amazing pianist, always knows the perfect thing to say, her hands fit perfect into mine, shes my puzzle piece, the one i can talk to about anything i need to, the girl who is everything and more of what I could ever want, the girl that i could hold in my arms forever, the girl who's always hungry;), The girl who's mine.
Katie , She's one in the 6.9 billion people on Earth. And I am the lucky guy to have her mine..

I love you babe :]
so much
作者 Kung fu igloo 2011年9月10日
Katie is smart sexy loveable and just generally amazing =) she is fantastic at art and is an extremely good friend. The best friend a guy could have, if your not friends with her, your an idiot :)
She's amazing she must be a Katie
作者 Abombo =D 2010年9月07日
A short, stout, terrifying & disgusting piece of shit beast who photoshops &/or posts air-brushed "modeling" photos of herself all over the internet. Depending on the drug she's on, she's 125-140 lbs. Her gut is very loose & flabby due to her having kids at 12 yrs old. Quite scary, this thing's a smelly hog that'll take whatever she can & take off to the next victim. The "story" goes, she needed an alias as her drug-addicted ex-boyfriend's now out of jail & most likely looking for her, though she'll blame her new name on her "modeling career". She lied to police & the court to get out of doing her own sentence. She'll tell you that she's gay, bi, straight, This girl's out of her fucking mind & needs to be strapped in a padded cell. She's a psychotic, sociopath ; she's either on medication or needs to be. She'll do any drug you offer her. She's completely delusional & egotistical. Be careful not to confront her with what you’ve discovered about her or with the above mentioned WITHOUT an experienced psychiatrist handy. She tends to go into fits of uncontrollable rage, over-the-top crying or flat out playing the “I’m the victim & no one understands me or no one cares” card. Everyone who's tried to help this gorgon has gotten pissed on by her. Again be careful, she IS out of control. Lastly, her photos were as easy to get as her post-pregnant pussy & rancid old baloney gut are. God Bless photo-enhancement lest we'd turn into stone!
Question: "How can Natalia KNAJ (aka) Katherine Arsenault Jarvis "Katie" describe herself as 'friendly' when she has no real friends or family?"

Answer: "Years of drug use & alcohol abuse, dissociative personality, smelly sluttiness, warped sense of self, low self-esteem, bad hygiene, an 80 year old woman's stomach, skull like a horse, enlarged nostrils, a mouth like a pussy with herpes, flaky, pushing 30 & thinks she's model material, thinks she can fool everyone, worthless, useless, disgusting, compulsive lying, delusional, pretending to look for approval & takes off when she can't use someone. Did that about cover it?"

What the fuck is wrong with you?

There is NO FUCKING truth to that.

Unless you're talking about yourself fuckwit.

Maybe you need to take a cold shower and wake the fuck up.

You're sick
You are beyond fucked up
Get this fucking straight

You better watch it.
作者 love_maiden 2014年8月07日



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