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Short for "kind of".
What kinda music do you like?
作者 Fangsta 2003年3月17日
"No" or often "hell no". Kinda is used by people that are afraid to commit to a simple yes or no answer. If you can't say a definite "yes," then by default you are in fact saying no. This is especially true when it comes to relationships.
Katie: So do you have a girlfriend?
Cute Boy: Well, um...kinda.

*hook up 10 minutes later*
作者 H Money 2005年7月20日
Shortened form of "kind of". Doesn't sound incredibly annoying when spoken, but personifies good, old-fashioned unsophistication when written.
Sean: Goin' to the movies tonight?

Ron: Nah. I'm kinda tired.
作者 Rodney Basil 2004年8月28日
A small amount. A little bit. Quazi.
"Do you like Jim?"
"well...i kinda like him..."

"I kinda like They Might Be Giants.."
作者 Brittainy 2003年9月17日
Kinda - Means "A great deal" "Hell Yes" "Definitely" "No Doubt" "Absolute Certainty" but the user of the word is hesitant about commiting to the "Yes" word in order to protect their image or hide their true feelings.
Question: Do you like me?
Answer: Kinda
#kind of #definitely #certainly #absolutely #yes
作者 GaGirl 2007年11月18日
Ancient Arabic female name referring to an old Yeminite Tribe. Usually refers to beautiful a woman.
She is soooo beautiful, who is she? She's KINDA
#ancient #unique #beautiful #historic #special
作者 Whitequeen 2010年2月14日
Used at the ends of words to mean an extreme.
Used most commonly with "throwed".
Im "throwed.....KINDA"
This means your extemely high, drunk, or both.
another example im hungry......kinda
#extremely #alot #very #much #enormous


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