When speaking of drugs kittens refers to Ketamine aka a cat tranqualizer that people "missuse" to get fucked up.
Man where them kittens at? (wheres the drugs)
作者 Margo 2004年1月06日
Chick that is bad ass beyond human explanation, and can whoop ass like kimbo.

Kittens can be used to describe a scummy chick with a big forehead who thinks they are the shit and steals peoples clay!
Holy shit Garth just got his ass whooped by that kitten!


Suck MY Dream KITTEN!
作者 Seven Inches of Fury 2008年2月19日
What God kills whenever you masturbate
I like masturbating better than kittens. Sorry.
作者 bbbbb 2005年7月08日
hidious disgusting creatures that piss everywhere.
Kittens are freaking disqusting as crap dude.
作者 Desi Desi Desi 2005年6月08日
A Kitten refers to a quantatity of cannabis. Kittens tend to be 7.0 to 7.5 grams.
"How much are you selling that kitten for?"
作者 Saif 2006年8月25日
badass shoes
check out my new kittens
作者 d 2004年5月01日
A female's privates. Usually used in rap songs, like in the female version of "Wait" by Jackie-O.
"I want you pet my kitten!" - Jackie-O
作者 Sharell Belanfante 2005年8月23日



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