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a long way into something, very involved, mixed up in, stuck in; usually something bad.
i'm knee deep in shit here, i haven't got a clue how to do this.
作者 Smiff 2003年11月03日
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usually ends with the words "in shit"
I dont have time to deal with you assholes, cause I'm knee deep in shit!
作者 James Bourne 2003年11月02日
Generally deeper that "ankle deep", but always less than "Up to here!"
I sunk that in knee deep, and cracked my nitty nizzle.
作者 BobbyCanoe 2003年11月03日
to be in knee deep means to be in a situation to a great extent, generally "knee deep in trouble". It can also be literally knee deep, for instance "knee deep in he dead" from DooM.
作者 Aratos 2003年11月02日
In trouble.
Oh man! I forgot to do my (Insert important task)! Boy am I in knee deep!
作者 Anthony 2003年11月01日
burried into something, can't get out of the situation or do not want to get out of the situation
I was "knee deep" in some fine ass when my Nextel goes off.........
作者 crix 2003年11月02日
In a lot of trouble
California is knee deep with Arnold Schwartzenegger running things.
作者 Mel 2003年11月02日



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