Singular term for member of uneducated group of social pariahs. Is generally found driving up and down George Street, Sydney abusing innocent people. 100% of the time below taxable income status due to: laziness; lack of education; deriving all "earnings" from drug and prostitution rings and hailing from the defective gene pool of the scum of 1980's Lebanese society. Whilst other Muslim groups: Iranian; Bosnian; etc. have contributed and fitted into Australian society, the Leb cannot, despising but secretly desiring non-Leb Australian women who they periodically gang rape. (See Bilal Skaf). The utter scum of society who, when informed of this, will respond with "u jus jeloz coz we lebs is so hot f-k youze aussie c--nts we is taking over" or similar desecration of the English language.
The Leb was bitter and unemployed so took his rage against the successful OECD nation of Australia on its defenseless women
作者 BilCa 2009年5月21日
Lebs, a unique race that specially comes out of their mothers asshole instead of the vagina during birth. Side effects of this medical phenomenon include but are not limited to: Having down syndrome, have strong desire to reproduce with their mothers and relatives, spend their entire lives talking about cars but only afford Hyundai's, extremely ugly face and the belief that pork is bad but secretly stuff themselves with bacon at night during an annual ritual called "Ramadan" and last but not least they stink like their mother's anus.
Hamit : Ay cuz, my sister (mother,cousin,girlfriend) just gave birth to a baby leb

Akmed : Fark your sisters arsehole must be the size of a basketball hoop now then ay?

Hamit : fark oath, i sleep in their sometimes when the cops are looking for me..
作者 Hovie Tran 2010年10月31日
Lebs consider themselves elite, can't spell for one, and think that carrying a gun is a skill*flash back* lebs vs azn in liverpool, fifteen lebs come with baseball bats, chains and turbo charged shit box 2000, 5 minutes later two azns arrive with a hand gun...and of course being pussy whipped they run home to have another family reunion so they can make out with their cousins, sisters, mums, and do all other bisexual activities with their relatives, the only "underworld" about lebs is that they can even get up and put on their pants every morning, true popular leb figures are....(there are none), or maybe that guy posing as that gay teletubbie, and that lebo wiggle. Money can't be illegal, its called counterfeit dumbshit, and the only reason lebs are in gangs is because they are the lowest pathetic creatures, and can't get a job and their income comes from selling "sim cards" aka to lebs as "illegal drugs"

policeman-"hey look! theres a car full of lebs, lets pull them over"
.......... that's leb-tastic!
作者 i am gay lebo 2005年1月13日
Unlike all other Immigrants, particularly to Australia, The Leb ( Lebanese) is unable and unwilling to integrate into society and mix with others.

Despite the flawed belief they are of superior intelligence and social status, the typical Leb is in fact uneducated, ignorant in the extreme, exhibits profound cowardice and has highly questionable ( if any at all) personal hygiene.

The Leb holds a unique position in Australian (if not most) society for being universally despised and hated by all other races and nationalities.

The Leb is easily Spotted as being Loud, aggressive, of low brain function and intelligence, Ugly, hairy, of foul odor and typically unemployed.

They are typically highly oversexed ( in contrast to their intelligence level) and due to enforcing all sorts of oppressive and neanderthal regulations and restrictions on their own women, resort to rape of women of other cultures.

Always ready with a lie and fabricated excuse, even their religious leaders will try to appropriate blame on the women for not covering themselves up in an attempt to disguise themselves from the Animalistic rabid dog desires of the males who are without the capability of basic self control.

Preferred Habitat is McDonalds car-parks and hanging around shopping centres causing trouble and drawing attention to themselves.

While seldom spoken of, facts show that Lebs represent a disproportionate number of Jail inmates in relation to the overall percentage of their numbers in Society.
Lebs are Easily found in fast food outlet car parks and shopping centres as well as unemployment and social security benefit lines.
作者 Fred Flintstone11 2010年9月01日
Word used to describe people of Lebanese background in Australia or anyone with black hair and olive skin who wears a white nike hat nike tn shoes and a lonsdale singlet
"Why are lebs always wearing Tn's and Lonsdale clothing"

Guy:"My mate was gang bashed last night"

other guy": "Bloody lebs"
作者 Harry69 2009年11月11日
this is a word that is used if you dont want offend anyone by saying Gay and you dont what to sound like a little kid by saying thats stupid.
" those concert tickets are like $150, its so Leb! "
作者 Joey Amadi 2010年5月03日
Term used in Australia to describe someone of Lebanese heritage, Also used as a derogatory term by racists to describe a Lebanese person,
Are you leb? Yes I'm Lebanese

"Dumb lebs took 15 of the pussies to get me down I still got up & laughed at them"
作者 Harry69 2009年6月29日


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