The Dude, His Dudeness, El Duderino(if you're not into the whole brevity thing). Also a member of the Seattle Seven and author of the Port Heron Statement (the original version, not the compromised second draft).
You're Mr. Lebowski, I'm the Dude. So thats what you call me ok. Either that or His Dudeness or El Duderino.
You got the wrong guy...i'm not lebowski...does it look like i'm fucking married, the toilet seat is up man.
作者 Andrewsky 2005年6月29日
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the dude
yes he is.
dude! thats your name!
作者 rathsangatas drink 2004年11月01日
A party in which an article of clothing is removed from every female every half hour; the party only ends when every female is completely nude
"Hey Taylor did you hear about that Lebowski the other night"
作者 Rennie M; Bayn S; Alex G 2007年9月21日
The bowl in which marijuana is packed.
Pack that Lebowski tight cousin and lets all get weird.
作者 Gutterglitter 2014年5月17日
when you grab your girl by the hair and dunk her head in the toilet repeatedly while screwing her from behind
"Where's the money Lebowski?"

"Oh it's uh... it's down there somewhere, let me take another look."
作者 leb0wskowitz 2010年2月05日
movie with jeff bridges about a guy whose rug gets pissed on. also they search for a million dollars
"wheres da money lebowski"
(throws cup at his head)
"you fucking fascist"
作者 DannnTizzee 2006年6月08日
Also the nickname given to "dave man"s manly feature. Everyone knows the truth though, what may expect to me a large object, appears to be a small gagget.
I hit Dave in his lebowski today, but it didn't hurt because he's so small.
作者 maddiebrown 2006年5月09日



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