A lizzie is a common term for baby stealer.
"Oh, man sorry Brandi.. You should have known that lizzie would steal your baby.."
作者 Branwen 2009年1月17日
Another name for a penis
Dude my lizzie is so huge!
作者 Nicholas Anderson 2007年3月16日
a jizz drink,a great energy drink that keeps you awake up to 48 hours!
i just had a lizzie before i went to school .
作者 elloes 2007年8月21日
verb. to belch, then apologise insincerely.
she just lizzied! ewww!
作者 the pimm's monster 2008年5月09日
Verb: to attack someone that is or resembles a homosexual female

Noun: one with a weak bladder; the female equivilant of anal rape

1. See that girl with the broken arm? She was totally Lizzied.
2. She had to pee 5 times in an hour, what a Lizzie.
3. I have been a victim of Lizzie many times.
作者 Lumberjacks Are Gay 2007年2月05日
A complete and total beefcake
Lizzie like-a the beef.
作者 Dr Naughty 2008年9月14日
a girl who gave birth to an ugly child at an early age and is blatantly a crack whore
"Oh my god, look at that girl, she's such a Lizzie"
作者 shinfucker 2009年2月26日



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