An acronym that makes any 49ers fan cry.
"I mentioned LOB, and they cried liked bitchy little girls!"
作者 averagebutts 2014年1月19日
Often used to mean "throw", particularly refers to heavy objects.
"I need some help to lob this broken chair into the skip."
"lobbing a large stone"
作者 Rabid Giraffe 2006年6月02日
romany/traveller/wideboy slang word for useless idiot
you,re getting on my nerves piss of you lob
作者 pukka romany 2010年2月15日
means to throw an alley-oop
tracy mcgrady has done a lob to vince carter and he dunked it done with one hand
作者 weedrasta 2013年8月10日
Lots of Bull Shit
Bush: Mission Accomplished
Observer: LOBS
作者 mlhiss 2012年1月02日
Stands for Lack of Better. In relationships, settling for someone who you know you will never be right for you in the long run. Reasons can be due to loneliness, hornyness, insecurity, and many others.
With the girl/guy I'm dating, the sex is great but there's nothing else we enjoy together. He/she is an L.O.B.
作者 LawsVideo 2009年10月11日
The shorthand for Lights Out Bitches!
Tommy won the election and said,"LOB!"
作者 Juicy Jules 2014年1月19日



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