A looloo is simply a being. Its just there. Noone knows how it got there. Its a cute little critter that resembles a muffin. An adorable little thing that is surprisingly good and music and sports. Also, it can be kind of annoying. a LooLoo is simply a looloo.
Shes friends with a fish? what a lucky looloo!
作者 fishsause129 2011年3月27日
a girl way beyond dead sexy. shes soo fun and sweet...she makes anyday bright.....when she walks into the room u are drawn to her aora...theres just something about her...the best freind anyone could ask for.
whos that girl....sooooo friggin hot..theres just something about her...shes defly a loo loo
作者 bekah 2005年4月24日
A synonym for "out of your mind".
You've gone loo-loo dogg.
作者 larisa 2005年10月10日
loo loo is a girl also known as aburning beacon of raw sexualityand bekah bo ro. she's the best a girl can be and gosh darn it i want her so effing bad...but sshhh
damn that girl is such a loo loo i wanna be her
作者 mimi!! 2005年4月23日
a drink of beer or wine
all beer or wine
作者 ANDRE WILKINS 2003年12月10日
1.Good looking girl.
" Damn! Look at the girl right there, she's got ass, she's got tits and lips ready to suck."
作者 rhyx 2004年10月12日
Beer or alcohol
A drink to be beer or wine
作者 ANDRE 2003年12月09日



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