Keeping Things LOcal and PEaceful when descibing a event to your homies
The coffee shop down town was lope
作者 RealHobbs 2010年1月31日
noun. uneven sized breast, lopsided boobs
Steve: I think Stacy has lopes
Chung: Yea, the right one sags
作者 chung 2005年4月03日
verb. A second-hand term used to express the action of stealing.
*I just loped ten bucks!

*Im going to go lope some beer.

*I'm loping that Iron Maiden CD from the store.
作者 ymifatninja 2009年7月29日
to kick it or chill
what are you doing

ah we just lope'n it dogg
作者 Krumples 2003年8月27日
a long and/or large penis
"I had sex with him and he had a lope."
"Yes. It was massive!
作者 Bobettt 2010年10月18日
a cigarette, referring to sitting around having a cigarette.
Smoked my last lope bitch.
作者 wang 2004年8月14日
Something or someone that is clumsy or weird looking
Dude you are lope.
That looks so lope.
作者 wouldnt you like to no 2003年4月07日


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