love means Legs Open Very Easy
ma friend loved the boy last night
作者 bv239 2007年9月21日
n. semen - slang. similar to love stain. a more romantic way to say cum.
Sorry honey, got a little love in your hair.
作者 Jupiter 2007年5月08日
love is for marriage
trace: I love you sara
sara: Im infatuated with you to
trace: What?
sara: Love is for marraige
作者 charlz in charge 2007年2月26日
Legs Open Very Easily
I want your love all the time...
作者 chance? 2006年1月27日
when boys crush a girls heart
i love you baby-boy
i love you too honey-girl
o and btw i like a girl from hockaday-boy
wtf douche-girl
sorry we cant talk anymore shes my love not you-boy

作者 iheARThp 2009年2月08日
A strong feeling for someone, something you cannot really put into words. You find yourself always thinking about them, wondering what you would do without them. You can't imagine life without that significant other. But then one day you realize love is something that doesn't exist, and all your dreams and hopes will spiral downward because you actually thought someone cared for you. When you lose that special someone, they might as well have died for that is the feeling you get inside. Simply, don't ever fall in love 'cause one day you will regret it because true love does not exist. People just loosely throw the term around, without actually having any meaning behind it.
I thought I was in love once, but then she broke up with me and I hated life for weeks
作者 bigboned14 2006年4月09日
How much one desires to fuck someone
That girl is gorgeous, wow I'm in love with her.
作者 G00-609S 2010年5月31日



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