a pill of methqualone, a sedative drug similar that acts similar barbiturates
They somehow slipped a 'lude into his drink.
作者 The Return of Light Joker 2011年5月24日
The smell of something that stinks. Something that looks nasty.
It smells like Lude in here! That food looks like Lude!
作者 hensleyb420 2011年1月11日
n. 1. Quaaludes
2. what you take when you don't have shit else
What kind of shit you got? I ain't got shit, let's get some fucking ludes or some shit
作者 jimmy ivory 2004年4月02日
that mistake made me so pissed off i had to take some ludes to cool down.
作者 Pubert Qubert Quakenbusch 2003年4月03日
What some people incorrectly spell the word lewd as. Lewd is something which is crude, indecent or offensive in a sexual way.
The sleazy guy standing at the bar kept making lude (lewd) comments about every girl who walked past.
作者 dazzledlucky 2005年9月03日
Short for Prelude. A japanese vehicle produced by Honda from 1979 to 2001.
"Hey man, that's a nice looking 'Lude you've got there."
作者 D. Edge 2003年3月17日


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