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Dutch word for...ahem...penis. But also used by some internet users as abbreviation for "laughing out loud" usually abbreviated in LOL.
"wat ben jij toch een lul!" (you're such a dick)
"you tripped over your own feet, lulz"
作者 axidude 2008年2月11日
LUL : "Lame Uncomfortable Laugh"

Internet slang term, derived from the popular "LOL" (laughing out loud).

Usage of LUL is typically reserved for situations which make you feel uneasy.
Guest2658 : In high school, I was rated 'most likely to be in jail before graduating', because I kept beating up the janitor and stealing his lunch money.

You : LUL
作者 cyBORGpinball 2005年8月03日
dutchie calling you a dick(head)

but not so offensive.
you shot meh!
作者 Anonymous 2003年10月06日
A corruption of LOL, which stands for laugh out loud.
They get laughs. They enjoy doing this. They get what they call "luls".
作者 ZzBrisk 2007年10月05日
Replacement internet lingo for 'lol' (laugh out loud)
Some weirdo's say lol in real life - and if you do an impression of someone saying 'lol' out loud you write it as lul.
if you are talking about a n00b who was lol'ing it up all day you would say how he kept lul'ing all the time.
Jack: omg my mums a fricken hoe bag bitch
John: lul


Jake: ffs this kid last night came on our vent channel and he kept tk'in me n was like lulululululul
作者 Chrisseh 2007年11月20日
A variation of lol, when lol has been overused in an online conversation
A:Check out that pic of the dog in the hat!
B:Lol, what about the one of the monkey?
A: Yeah, lul.
作者 Hoovah 2010年4月17日
"lightly undulating laughter" - a texting abbreviation revealing a chuckle occurred in real life, a sly chuckle, or hehehe
"dude, that chick is hot, she wants you?"
"yeah, lul"
作者 ΔΞΞ 2016年6月08日


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