a merkin is a super charged muggle with extreme intellect and no common sense.
Harry! that Merkin almost found out we were wizards!

Good thing he believed me when I said I was Chris Angel.
作者 skankyk 2011年4月26日
An American.
I'm afraid of merkins.
作者 U-Tard 2008年12月30日
A pubic wig for those of the female persuasion.
Belinda, having undergone chemotherapy for the past couple months, resorted to wearing a merkin.
作者 Huh? 2003年12月04日
Friends of George W. Bush. A few merkins wear pubic wigs.
My fellow 'merkins, Let's Roll.
作者 mandingoe 2004年4月19日
a group of guinea pigs
there goes a merkin of guinea pigs
作者 kloppers 2007年3月03日
A Cigarette Lighter, Used to light cigarettes.
Set us that merkin, will you?
作者 DrummerJonny 2007年8月12日
A tiny afro toupee usually in the shape of a triangle commonly worn by semi-balding men from N.W.Indiana...because the shape matches their head perfectly.
Eeeeew!!! John, is this your merkin in my soup again???

John leaned a little too far over the grill again, he was unaware his merkin was ablaze...I decided not to tell.
作者 SWEETIEPIE 2005年4月25日



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