master of outragous kach (shit)
i was talkin to leon the other day he is such a mook!!
作者 linzbian 2008年9月03日
an evil bitch/bastard. a fucker.
Dylan is a fucking mook.
作者 <3..2..1.. DISCO 2005年6月12日
A stereotypical Italian.
"Oh look at that mook with his greasy slicked back hair, eating that pasta"
作者 lilllyy 2009年8月28日
A large clumsy oaf with no coordination.
Shut up, you freakin' mook!
作者 D351 2007年2月02日
Moron,Dipshit, just a plain dumbass idiot that you dont like.
that fucking mook spilled his drink in my car.
作者 RhodesDiddy 2006年5月20日
A simple minded, pregnant, and cranky news paper editor who has the divine power to bash people at random.
Watch out for the Mook she is having a bad day again.
作者 Injustice 2006年3月14日
in the context of Walliworld, PA: a cigarette. Particularly a menthol cigarette.

Also used as a verb: To mook --> to smoke a cigarette.
Mooking: sitting around smoking cigarettes, buming it
Yo man you got a mook ?

Sorry man just smoked my last one
作者 Dave McCormick 2007年11月19日


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