any gay guy with a perm, most often a track star. can be black, white, or indonesian-canadian
motts a faggot

作者 dgraham2 2009年3月26日
any person with a mop on their head, a perm, could be a gay guy, african, indonesian, or really, any ethnicity
look at that mott over harmless, but he could smack u with it
作者 el hunto HEHE 2009年3月26日
another term for an urban ninja
That mott sneaks around and kills people
作者 Willam Jules 2005年3月01日
A tight fisted individual who spends all his time Banger racing and taking pointless photo's of Chaos ensuing.
It's your round Chris, get your feckin wallet out
作者 Pikey 2004年6月17日


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