someone who is naive and has been cheated.
there may be bugs on some of you mugs but there ain't no bugs on me.
作者 kristen white 2008年5月16日
Someone who will soon suffer the consequences for a very poor choice.
Ben just paid 20 fucking dollars for a mug from Urban Dictionary...what a fucking mug!
作者 Benzo! 2009年10月19日
n. better than styrofoam, but not as good as fine china
"Here, i have a teacup for you so you don't have to use that mug."
作者 AmotherORdaughter 2008年5月25日
something to sip coffe in
I drank my nice hot coffe in my golf mug.
作者 Tayler 2003年12月08日
Generally used to refer to someone in a negative way whether it be seriously or sarcastically.
Caity: Remember what I was going to tell you?
Chanze: Yeah.
Nathan: -walks in-
Caity: I'll text it to you later, I can't say it in front of this mug.

Briitany: Sorry about not calling you back last night, I fell asleep.
Caity: Don't talk to me, you mug. jk.
作者 theonlyINK 2008年5月05日
Referring to one or someone else's face
"That g has got an ugly mug."
作者 Madamasselle 2003年3月02日
A non-existent place . any gathering place. any place one might be found hanging out at. A meeting spot.
Damn , there's all kinds of motherfuckers up in this mug!
作者 EllisDeatripp 2010年9月09日


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