no, negative (an abbreviation)
A: can you make it tomorrow.

B: Neg I have to help clean the truck.
作者 The Return of Light Joker 2009年2月15日
Video game slang meaning that you have more deaths than kills, word is short for negative.
Paul- Not a bad game for me... What about you Tony.
Tony- That game was so bad, i went neg.
作者 RobBob1892 2011年9月21日
An egg like shape that isn't actually an egg.
That Yaris is very neg shaped.
作者 Sedanian 2010年8月01日
A Bird, mostly found in the Chicagoland area. Be Careful has very large talons and can attack at anytime.
Look at that neg fly.

Fly Away you stupid neg
作者 bird1241235 2010年5月03日
To hit or ram someones face with a forearm or elbow
my knuckles were bleeding so i had to neg his face
作者 Boxer52465465 2009年11月03日
a short term used on many sites that have picture/profile ratings ect the word Neg actually means negative
Hey why you Neg me?
作者 pablobricktop 2009年6月01日
neg is the process in which someone says a comment of little or no value, and due to its nature is immediately dismissed as a result of its lack of relevance.
neg yourself!
if he's a herb and a loser you neg him.
作者 sayanything25 2009年1月09日



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