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A DVD by mail subscription service for pornographic films.
"Dude, sweet. Harry Twatter and the Sorcerer's Bone arrived in the mail today. I love netfux!"
#porn #netflix #pornography #mail #sex
作者 senny2 2010年1月11日
When both parties are down… And beyond having to disguise it as Netflix and chill anymore. You can just simply send a text saying… Netfux?
Lisa! Netfux tonight?
作者 Jason Coolyard 2016年3月31日
The how much you care about what you watch on netflix.
Jimmy gave 0 netfux about the hippy documentary he saw on netflix.
#netflix #idgaf #streaming #careless #caring #netfux #browsing
作者 PurpleFanto 2015年4月10日
Internet porn.
Who needs a girlfriend when Netfux streams on every device?
#netdix #porn #internet porn #fap #fapping
作者 a nouny moose 2015年4月11日
The act of purchasing a movie only to find out it was available for free via Netflix. The aggravation is further amplified by a) Apple iTunes prompting this movie as Featured or b) the movie totally sucking. Either of these would be grounds for a Double Netfux; both a Triple Netfux.
Mary Lou: Let's check out this movie Bernie with Jack Black.

Wolfgang: Yeah
Mary Lou: That movie blew
Wolfgang: Yeah
(next day)
Mary Lou: WTF that piece of shit movie was available on Netflix
Wolfgang: You got Netfuxed.
Mary Lou: (crying) Plus, those bitches at Apple Double Netfuxed me. Promoting that shit as a Feature. They knew it. (screaming) They fucking knew it!!
#apple #netflix #fucked #movie #itunes
作者 Bo Coolidge 2013年2月08日
When you accidentally order a movie on netlflix, receive it, realize you got the wrong movie and without walking back from your mailbox, you instantly send it back without viewing.
netflix - lix + fucked = netfux
"I accidentally ordered Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on netflix"

"Dude you totally got netfux"

"Yea, tell me about it"
#netfux #netflix #bad #movies #movie
作者 jtd07 P9C 2009年10月19日


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