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military: No Fucking Good
this equipment is nfg.
作者 Anonymous 2003年4月24日
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No Fucks Given
Vince: Hey man you gonna write that essay?

Jake: NFG
作者 Beardy McGee 2010年9月15日
Acronym for no fucking good. Commonly used in the oil industry when a peice of equipment is no longer in good working order.
Hey, make sure you write N.F.G on those old pumps to make sure they don't get put back in service.
作者 Benny Boots 2006年3月04日
Stands for: No Fucks Given. This is a type of mood or feeling, such as being care-free, easy-going, not caring what people think of you or your actions. Also meaning " no fucks where given today" kind of tone but shorter and quicker to say. Similar to saying YOLO, but better and non-mainstream.
Me: I'm gonna wear socks with sandles. NFG!
Person: NFG?
ME: No fucks given kid.
作者 C*Club Sshmeven 2012年8月09日
No Fucks Given
Tom is mad at me for being late. Oh, well NFG.
作者 Vonrockinstein 2015年5月27日
•no fucks given mainly said after a school week.
Omg Friday is so my NFG day!
作者 Starbucksqueen13 2015年5月05日
no fucks given
"why are you late to work?!" says boss

"nfg" *walks out not phased* never got questioned again.
作者 4204lyf 2015年3月28日



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