See: Bush reelection
North Korea, Iran, Syria
作者 Andy 2004年11月30日
Top Definition
A hour long waltz in which the victor is the one that:

1. Struck first
2. Had more nuclear weapons
3. Had more nuclear submarines in firing distance of enemy cities

Note that this victory is temporary because soon after a "victor" is declared we all start dying from atmospheric fallout.
A socialist war, because everyone on the planet becomes insanely equal.
作者 Elitist 2003年12月18日
what pussies do because they are too afraid to fight hand-to-hand in conventional warfare LIKE MEN!
Instead of looking you in the eye and shooting you I will hide in a bunker and push this little red button.
作者 ph34r mongerer 2003年12月25日
1. The culmination of all human achievement. Inevitable. This is how we are going to go, folks. It's just a matter of time...

1. Nuclear war is the orgasm of human existence.
#war #nuke #wonderful #fantastic #orgasm
作者 thaks 2006年5月29日
They nuke us, we nuke them. In a matter of hours, we're all dead.
作者 war is bad 2003年10月04日
the whole planet gets nuked. planet fuked up. no more life.

apart from insects
in some light nuclear war would be exiting
作者 the person down the road 2003年12月01日
a war using atomic weapons w/ the intent of destruction on another country/area.

often used as a possible effect of any plan in a debate.
only the roaches survived the nuclear war that was caused by a plan to make everyone wear school uniforms.
作者 Jackie 2004年1月26日


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