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A term describing a person who has totally lost their grip on reality. Such people are mainly from the right wing of the political spectrum, and are often politicians and religious extremists.
作者 jesster79 2006年1月18日
Someone who doesn't realise their insanity and goes around giving absurd orders.
Roxanna. The director of the Benicia band.
作者 Band Member 2005年7月26日
Crazy Person
I wouldn't date Jane. She's a total Nut Case!
作者 Infinite Voyage 2011年12月04日
a case of nuts .
would you like some nuts out of my nutcase
作者 DBC 2005年2月20日
1.a crazy man who can be retarted, demented or just plain stupid!
2.a fruitcake he iz a nutcase
2.holy fudgepackering of a cow, he iz a nutcase!
作者 jimbo 2004年3月12日
1. A mans scrotum, ball bag, yam bag.
2. Someone who has different views to your own.
1. I snagged my nut case on the barbed wire fence.
2. What would you know your a nut case.
作者 Ian 2005年3月21日
1. a sack for holding nuts
2. a sack for holding yo nuts ie. balls
3. see pycho
1. may i have a nut form your case, please.
2. yo close yo legs man !! I can see your nutcase.
3. Damm ! that bitch is a nutcase.
作者 BigE, mofuka 2002年7月24日



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