“That new track is off the hook...”
作者 K-Scrawl 2008年10月07日
To show something is approved, sound as a pound, better than good. Not to be confused with to be let off with something (old phrase).
A hot bird walks past you in a bar. You say "That bird was off the hook".
作者 RockNRollStar 2006年5月24日
If one sees an attractive lady or something is really good it is 'off the hook'.
Look at those sexy legs it is OFF THE HOOK.
作者 Dominic McDaid 2005年9月12日
out of control aka "da shit" or "da bomb"
that party was off the hook yo!
作者 ya grll angie 2005年8月19日
a word meaning cool, brilliant, wicked. made famous by MAXWELL from UK BIG BROTHER 6 (2005)! Said in London (cockney areas) as "Off the 'ook".
Nah man, that was off the 'ook.
作者 SpeakerBoxx UK 2005年8月11日
to REPRESENT sumtan really amazing
So I's be up at this laaaaadies crib, and she's a like: "You's black torpedo is like bigga than any otha nigga!" And I's be like: "Maaaaan, it's off the hook, BIAAACH!!!"
作者 The Black Torpedo 2006年3月01日
A phrase that white people say to make them selves look cool, but they're actually a loser.
white dude: Dude! That party was off the hook!

black dude: yur such a loser..
作者 erica 2005年3月15日



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