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A game played while in a vehicle. 'Padiddle' is said when another vehicle is spotted that has only a single headlight. The person/people who didn't say padiddle must remove one article of clothing.

~A pair of shoes generally count as one article.
~Rules can be changed to include motorcycles, bicycles, etc.
~Word can be changed, so as to throw people off. If the phrase is, 'Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pink pajamas.' It's likely that the person saying the phrase will mess up and will have to remove one article of their clothing.
car: *rolling down the road*
p1: *spots car with one headlight* PADIDDLE!
p2: *removes both shoes*
作者 Jennifer 2003年12月16日
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A game played in a car where as somebody within the car sees another car with only one working headlight. That person then shouts "Padiddle!" and hits the top of the car. Everybody else in the car quickly shouts "Padiddle!" as well and hits the top of the car. The last person to do so must then remove a piece of clothing. The game then continues. The clothing must remain off until the remainder of the car ride and may only be put back on if that person is getting out of the car.
~a pair of shoes generally count as one piece of clothing but that can be decided before the game begins.
~same goes for a pair of socks
~the game lasts longer with more clothes
~jewelry does not count.
~If somebody yells "Padiddle!" and it is not a padiddle, it is called a false padiddle and the person who wrongly called padiddle must take off an article of clothing.
~it may be played where one break light out is called a "Padaddle!" and same rules apply.
p3 and p4-"Padiddle!"
p5-"DAMMIT! There goes my shirt, I'm horrible at this game!"
作者 vanilla yogurt 2008年12月28日
Game that is played in a car..while driving if a car with one headlight out is seen, someone screams padiddle and hits the roof of the car...all other people in the car must remove one item of clothing...lather, rinse, repeat
-PADIDDLE!!....Now take off your boxers so I can see that flappy cack
作者 Armstrizzle 2004年4月30日
a game teens play when driving at night. when you see a car with a broken light or fog light out, you scream PADIDDLE! and hit the roof with your hand. the other person/people in the car who didn't say padiddle must remove one article of clothing.
p1: *spots car with one headlight* PADIDDLE! *hits roof*
p2: *removes shirt*
p3: *removes both shoes*
作者 jennafurr 2006年10月27日
A merry game devoted to reflexes and visual recognition. When a vehicle drives by with a headlight(or blinker, etc..any light) out, you yell "Padiddle!" and thusly slam your hand into the ceiling, and..hey, you win. There are variations where clothes are removed, but you can mix 'n match anyway you want. Passes the time on a long drive :)
That car is a padiddle, it's missing it's right light!
作者 TommehBoy 2010年5月11日
A driving game kind of like "punch-bug" but for a car with one headlight out.
Person 1: Padiddle! (*WHACK*)

Person 2: Ouch! Asshole.
作者 jimXmorrison 2010年1月11日
Padiddle is game playd while driving in a car. The first person to spot a car with only one headlight working screams padiddle then everyone hits the roof of the car. The last one to hit the roof of the car must take of a item of clothing. Shoes, jewerly, socks, belts do not count. You may add another type or color of cars such as yellow cars or Xterr's. This makes the game more interresting and more intense.
Car: driving down road w/ one headlight
Driver: yells padiddle then hits the roof
Player that hits roof last: gosh-darn-it, now i got to take off some clothes
作者 Crater 2006年3月07日



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