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A Russian word meaning "Bye"
作者 DevilReaper 2010年7月13日
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An exclamation very near to the word fuck. It is used when expiriencing pain, happiness, anger, exitment etc.
"PAKA!!!!" a student screamed in the middle of class. The teacher turned around wondering who distrupted his lesson...
作者 Israeli Cat 2005年5月04日
An informal way of saying goodbye. Basically bye or chow but in Russian!
See you later, paka!
作者 willsamaphone 2015年2月02日
Ruler of the universe. Tarantula king.
Paka will eat your soul.
作者 Heather Pie 2008年10月07日
Female who likes to get drunk and have sex like a porn star
She was such a Paka tonight
作者 MistyCones 2012年9月19日



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