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Common name for males in Greece. Also means "diarrhea" in Russian.
"I was hanging out with Panos the other night."
"I got the worst panos sitting in class today."
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作者 Princessachka 2009年4月06日
1. Short for Panayioti which in greek translate to "Holy Mother of God"
2. Slang for a Greek man, either overly handsome or overly smooth, or both.
3. Short for Panorama, a type of view or picture with an abnormally wide view
"Let me take a look at that Pano picture"
"Keep my wife or sheep away from that Greek, he is definitely a Pano!"
#handsome #greek #smooth #holy #mother of god
作者 Rob Stein 2007年2月05日
Panos is a male name of Greek origins. Panos is an active man, with logical thinking and strong emotions. He feels the need to offer to create and be useful around other people. He is highly dependent on his family that he honors and respects it in the best way. He wants to maintain stable relationships in life that will make him feel safe and secure. Compatible, retreats and tries enough to maintain peace and order in his life. He ιs faithful and devoted when in a relationship.
My name is Panos.
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作者 Spartan91 2015年5月14日
A really cool, Greek kid who is liked by an amazing girl. He is usually very smart, thoughtful, cool, athletic and much more to say but can't say it all.
"Look at the kid over there."
"I bet his name is Pano."
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作者 M21Hms 2015年2月06日
Looks a bit like a goat.
You're such a panos today
#goat #greek #hairy #angry #strange
作者 .,?! 2014年9月26日
Coolest person alive
Lives in the ATL hizouse
Panos is the phattest!
作者 Panos 2005年1月23日
To Panos is equivalent to to do something pathetically awesome or to act like the coolest dude alive.
Panos can also describe someone who is extremely laid back,cool,a dude, god-like or ridiculously good-looking and perfect.
He totally Panoed last night. It was awesome.

Dude, you're so panos. i love you.
#awesome #cool #dude #god #perfection
作者 Virgin.Mary 2009年3月21日


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