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Having one's pants pulled down
"I got pansted today at school."
作者 Graham 2003年2月10日
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When one has their pants pulled down, but not their underwear. Only the pants come down.
We stared in amazement as Ryan got pantsed! We all got to see his tighty-whities!
#pants #underwear #funny #lol #pathetic
作者 super hot Sarah 2010年5月19日
To yank down someones pants without their consent, mainly used to embarass the person
I was walking through the halls in school, and out of nowhere, this guys comes behind me and yanks my yoga pants down, exposing my pink Hello Kitty panties with white frilly trimming to everyone in the hall. I was so embarrasses that I had unknowingly began to pee. Seconds later, it completely soaked my embarrassing undies, making the whole situation worse. That was the day I was pantsed at school.
#panties #pantsed #embarrasses #peeing #wet
作者 wedgiedundies 2014年2月10日
When a person or team are favourites to win a game or contest but are beaten by the underdogs, they are said to have been pantsed.

Used in southern Australian states
The Roos pantsed the Blues in Friday night's game.
#underdog #favourite #overrated #loser #pants
作者 schem 2010年6月14日
If you've lost a game of pool without sinking a ball, you are supposed to dack yourself and run around the table with your pants at your ankles.
"Man, I got pantsed at the club"
#pansted #dacked #pansed #panted #ponsted
作者 Sarah1131 2006年2月25日
When a priest pulls your pants down to see what you got for his goodies
I got pantsed by father (insert name) today, now I will be saved.
作者 John Hopper 2004年11月18日


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