Part of the mythical set of pirate laws. Parlay entitles its invoker with free passage to negotiate with a ship’s captain until the negotiations are complete.
ELIZABETH: Parlay! I invoke the right of parlay! According to the Code of the Brethern, set down by the pirates Morgan and Bartholomew, you must take me to your Captain!

--Pirates of the Caribbean
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作者 Teresa from OK 2009年10月04日
Top Definition
to chill
I ain't doing nothin but parlayin
作者 oc tbabyt 2003年7月28日
A discussion between two individuals usually on the topic of business. Generally used by lieutenants in the dope game.
Yo you know where omar at?
Why, you got beef with him?
Nah, I'm just lookin to parlay.
#drugs #the game #dope #talk #dealer
作者 elm0z 2010年1月07日
n. (gambling) - 1. A wager and its winnings from a previously successful bet used for additional betting. 2. A type of bet, usually wagered on pro team sports, where all teams picked must all win in order to collect a fixed wager.

v.- to bet in such a manner (or just gambling in general)
Typical Parlay Payouts

2 Teams 13/5
3 Teams 6/1
4 Teams 11/1
5 Teams 20/1
6 Teams 40/1
7 Teams 75/1
8 Teams 150/1
9 Teams 300/1
10 Teams 700/1
作者 Andy Mack 2005年4月30日
to hang out
We're going to parlay at the crib latah.
作者 metalchic 2004年6月05日
Means to chill, relax, have a good time.
"Heres the sequel/ you can get drunk as a skunk but weeds illegal/ im forever blunted anyway/ i dont give a FUCK what uncle sam say okay? lets parlay"

Fo Eva Blunted- Nine
#parlay #parlayin #chill #chillin #illin #laxin #relaxing
作者 blunted420 2008年8月26日
1) to dilly dally and waste time

2) to appear as if one is working hard, but nothing of value is really being accomplished
Adam just parlayed in undergrad
#dilly dally #waste #time #lazy #loiter
作者 Ratchetrhythm 2014年5月15日


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