where people sit around with their laptops, drinking soda, playing minecraft, eating chips.
nerds sit around with their technology, they consider this a party
作者 lovelovelovelove765 2011年7月24日
after age 12, party means a place where people go to get drunk, high, or get laid, depending on the balance of one sex to another. In high school, you are immediately demoted to "loser" status if you don't party every weekend. These may not even be things you want to do, but peer pressure forces you into thinking they're important and necessary to fit in with the other bunch of teenage tools. In other words, you can't be cool unless you go and get fucked up every chance you get. It is sad, considering that is all our current generation cares about, and it's scary to think they will be leading the world at some point. By the way, I never get invited to parties for god knows what reason.
Evan: What up Nick, you hear about Mikes massive party tonight?
Nick: Yeah, sounds like it'll be pretty cool.
Evan: So who you gettin a ride from?
Nick: I wasn't invited.
Evan: Really? That sucks ass dude, well I gotta go I'll catch you later.
Nick: Yeah later.

It's pretty funny how people like Evan care enough to ask if you got invited, yet they don't give two shits when they hear that you weren't. Welcome to high school.

While everybody else is having fun, I'm sitting at my house doing the same 6 things over and over because I have no other options
-play xbox
-watch TV
-stare at the computer
-eat what little food there is at my house
-text my friends without getting replys
-go to sleep early because I'm way too bored

story of my life, and after the weekend is over, I have to listen to everybody talk about how fucking awesome their weekend was in class on monday. Don't you just love being the odd one out?
作者 xxAdversityxx 2010年4月21日
A social event were a group of people all convene at one location and attempt to have a good time. Party activites include (but are not limited to) things such as:
1) Listening to music
2) Consuming drugs and/or alcohol
3) Trying (and often failing) to get laid
4) Dancing*

*Men do not normally dance. However, women (who do normally dance) can change this. A man's girlfriend or wife may "ask" (aka force) him to dance with her and/or her friend(s) (often the ugly one). Some men will also dance in attempt to contact or impress females.

A party can be at a bar, resturaunt, club and often someone's house. There are some specialty parties for events such as birthdays and holidays.
Doug went to a party with his buddies. He got drunk and smoked some pot. Near the end of the party, he did some ecstacy, started dancing and hooked up with some random, but attractive, chick. The next morning, he woke up to find himself is someone else's car spooning a fat chick. He later met back up with his friends and found out that he was the only one that managed to get laid, so that made it worth it (kinda).
作者 northendwhitetrash 2009年4月04日
An alternate definition of party:

A polite euphemism for a session of sexual activity, usually spoken by prostitutes, call girls, etc.
Hey, you guys wanna party?
These girls are ready for ya if you ever want a party.
Last week, I did 12 parties.
作者 gooberliberation 2006年1月31日
wild and action filled placew with good music and people
"man that party we had was a total fuck fest!"
"that party they had was pretty weak, they played country!"
作者 ghettofella03 2002年11月25日
a gathering of more than 8 people
when there is a group of people if there are more than 8 it becomes a party
作者 johnbonson 2011年1月07日
The exclamation used by Sixth Form students, whenever they hear something that brings them joy, usually the likelihood of a booze-filled houseparty coming up, and they need to express that joy to everybody else present.
McLameass: I'm having a party tonight y'all!
Peter: Is there a party going down?
Jordyn: YEAH!
Peter: PARTY!
作者 manyperson 2009年8月10日



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